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You can get accommodations within a close drive of a beautiful resort condo with Tripps Plus, one of the leading private membership vacation travel companies. With Tripps Plus, our members give us reviews of destinations they have visited and stayed in luxury condos nearby and used these trips for road trips. Hence, they avoid airline travel and all the hassles associated with it.

With a long and rich history as one of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston, Massachusetts, has twenty-three distinct neighborhoods and is a unique city that Tripps Plus recommends. Cobblestone streets and colonial-era architecture can be found in certain areas.

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In addition, visitors can rent sailboats and rowboats to enjoy the area’s beauty while exploring Emerald Necklace’s various parks and walking along the Esplanade near the Charles River.

Boston’s continental climate and humidity make it the best time to visit, so Tripps Plus knows the best times. A visit to the famous city would only be complete with seeing the historic buildings representing the earliest days of the United States.

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In addition to the Paul Revere House, these sites include the Freedom Trail, a two-and-a-half-mile stretch with sixteen distinct sections that depict the Revolutionary War’s history. There are also famous places at Harvard, including Fenway Park, where you can tour the baseball stadium, and the campus with small museums like the Memorial Church and Peabody Museum.

Tripps Plus recommends Faneuil Marketplace for shopping and dining, as well as street performances and other events throughout the year. With so much to offer, Boston is the perfect place to enjoy a vacation with beautiful and historic areas.

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Tripps Plus is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been offering a private member platform with concierge service for almost a decade. This is now the best way to beat inflation. Getting more for your money is critical, and membership with Tripps Plus is now the key to vacations for less and, of course, more good times.

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