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Charleston, South Carolina, is known for its Southern charm, rich history, and delicious cuisine. With so much to offer, deciding where to eat or what activities to do during your stay can be overwhelming. Tripps Plus reviews reveal some of the more popular restaurants and activities visitors should take advantage of while visiting Charleston.

Tripps Plus Reviews Popular Charleston Restaurants

1. Husk – This award-winning restaurant is a must-visit for anyone looking to experience traditional Southern cuisine with a modern twist. The menu, created daily, is based on the availability of fresh ingredients from local farmers.
2. FIG – Known for its farm-to-table concept and innovative dishes, FIG (Food Is Good) has become one of the most talked-about restaurants in Charleston. Make a reservation well in advance as this place tends to get booked quickly.
3. Poogan’s Porch – Located in a charming Victorian house, Poogan’s Porch offers classic Lowcountry dishes such as shrimp, grits, and fried chicken in an elegant setting.
4. Hominy Grill – Another beloved spot for classic Southern food is Hominy Grill. Their famous shrimp and grits dish has been featured on numerous food shows and magazines.
5. The Ordinary – Seafood lovers rejoice! The Ordinary is known for its fresh oysters and other delectable seafood dishes served in a beautifully restored bank building

According to many Tripps Plus reviews, Charleston is known for its rich history, charming architecture, and beautiful beaches. However, this vibrant city also has a side that often goes unnoticed – its hidden gems. These unconventional activities make Charleston genuinely unique and offer visitors a memorable stay.

Charleston Mansion, South Carolina

Tripps Plus Reviews Places To Visit In Charleston

1. Angel Oak Tree
Located on John’s Island, just a short drive from downtown Charleston, the Angel Oak Tree is an iconic landmark that must not be missed. This majestic tree is estimated to be over 400 years old and is 66 feet tall with a canopy spread of 28,000 square feet. Its age and size make it one of the oldest living things east of the Mississippi River.

The Angel Oak Tree’s popularity is due to its impressive size, beauty, and significance in Charleston’s history. It has withstood hurricanes, floods, and even human development throughout the centuries. Many Tripps Plus reviews suggest visitors can spend hours marveling at this ancient oak tree or picnic under its shade.

2. Shem Creek Park
Shem Creek Park is another hidden gem in Charleston that offers stunning views of nature along with delicious seafood restaurants. Located in Mount Pleasant, just across the Cooper River Bridge from downtown Charleston, this park features a boardwalk stretching over Shem Creek’s marshes. The boardwalk offers breathtaking views of birdlife, including herons, egrets, pelicans, and many others.

3. The Graveyard at Circular Congregational Church
Charleston is known as “The Holy City” due to its numerous churches and religious history. One church in particular offers a unique experience for visitors – the Circular Congregational Church graveyard. This serene cemetery dates back to 1681 and has gravestones adorned with intricate carvings and epitaphs that offer insight into Charleston’s past.

4. Explore the Hidden Gardens
While many visitors flock to the famous Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, according to many Tripps Plus reviews, several other lesser-known gardens scattered throughout Charleston are equally stunning. One such garden is the Middleton Place Gardens, located just outside the city. This 65-acre plantation boasts beautiful floral displays, tranquil ponds, and scenic walking paths.

Tripps Plus Reviews The Best Of Charleston 2

Another hidden gem is the Gibbes Museum of Art’s Garden at Night event held every Friday night during spring and summer months. This exclusive after-hours access allows visitors to explore the museum’s courtyard garden while enjoying live music and refreshments.

5. Take a Ghost Tour
Charleston is said to be one of America’s most haunted cities, with centuries-old buildings and a turbulent past providing the perfect setting for ghost stories. While many tour companies offer traditional ghost tours around popular areas like Battery Park and Rainbow Row, more unconventional options are also available.

According to many Tripps Plus reviews, Charleston has many ghost tour operators to choose from. The Bulldog Tours’ “Haunted Jail Tour” takes you inside an abandoned jail with a dark history dating back over 200 years. You can also opt for a “Ghost Cruise” on Charleston Harbor, where you’ll hear chilling tales as you cruise the city’s waterways.

Battery Park in the historic waterfront area of Charleston, Sout

Tripps Plus reviews suggest that Charleston, South Carolina is definitely one of those places that all types of visitors will enjoy. With its rich history, gorgeous surroundings, delightful dining options, and thrilling experiences, Charleston is sure to please.

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