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Tripps Plus Las Vegas says Spring break is only a few months away, and summer is only a hop, skip, and a jump after that. What is a better time there for planning your next beach vacation?

Forget the cold, the snow, and the ice, then thaw out with Tripps Plus Las Vegas picks for the hottest beaches to hit for your next tropical getaway.

Miami Beach

This world-famous spring break destination features smooth white sand and clear blue waters for as far as the eye can see. Join the party in March, or visit during the summertime when the atmosphere is a little more relaxed.

Stroll down to South Point Park, Tripps Plus Las Vegas favorite spot on Miami Beach, and enjoy a series of walking paths set between the water, the windblown grasses, and the sandy beaches. Enjoy food stands at a local park (and dog park) while taking panoramic 360-degree views.

South Beach Miami, Florida by Tripps Plus Las Vegas


Acapulco Mexico

Just the name brings to mind a bounty of sandy beaches. Feel the tranquility of the shoreline along the bays inside Bahia Santa Lucia and Bahia Puerto Marques, rippling with the breeze and protected from the strong Pacific currents.

Or, experience the mighty Pacific on “Sunset Beach,” famous for its spectacular sunsets with the brilliant oranges and red reflect across the horizon in a palette of colors that would have Monet jealous.


Visitors from all over the world have made the trek to this pale dot in the center of the Pacific for the chance to stand on what is often called “the most beautiful beaches in the world” by Tripps Plus Las Vegas members.

Kahala Beach is the top destination for weddings and photoshoots, beaches of golden sands, blue waters, short grass, and palm-fringed beaches. Get off the beaten track and enjoy one of the best views in all of Hawaii from Kailua beach, where the crowds thin and visitors can enjoy spectacular views of the shallow turquoise waters while learning to windsurf, kayak, and Stand up Paddle.

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