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Tripps Plus Las Vegas members enjoy vacationing in some of the best places ever. San Franciso is one of those unique vacations the fall time is when people escape the mundane confines of their hometown and set out to find a new adventure.

With so many travel destinations to go to, it can be hard to select the right one. This fall, Tripps Plus Las Vegas reviews the great city of San Francisco, located in the northern part of California. With reasonable temperatures and great places to visit, San Francisco is ideal for any traveler.

One of the greatest and most feared prisons of all time is located right off the city of San Francisco. Alcatraz used to be a maximum-security prison, hosting only the most dangerous and insane criminals back in the 1800s.

The Alcatraz Cruises boat by Tripps Plus Las Vegas

However, now it is an excellent place for tourists to spend several hours walking the isolated island, learning more about history, and admiring its terrific views of the water and the city. The Rock was so infamous from many movies and the home to many of our FBI’s most wanted criminals of all time.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas Visits Alcatraz from San Francisco

Experts suggest booking your Alcatraz tour online since weekends and other parts of the years. This is the most sought-after attraction. So save your time and book online. Once on the boat, you get a beautiful view of San Francisco itself as you leave the pier. Once you arrive, you get a strange feeling that is hard to describe, but you will debark on an island that has much history and so many stories written and made into movies about it.


The Island is a National Park that has guided tours with headsets. Giving the step by step experience of what prison life for both guard and prisoner was like. Your journey will enable you to walk through the cells and see the cafeteria and, of course, the famous prison yard where the inmate was able to get a little piece of sunlight and look at San Francisco and, of course, wish they wish they were there.