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Tripps Plus knows that many travelers who head to Anaheim often go with one specific attraction in mind: Disneyland.

Disneyland is a fantastic attraction and a popular one for families. As the resort gets ready for its 62nd anniversary, it will be even more popular with visitors.

Since this is such a popular attraction, Tripps Plus Las Vegas knows it can get hectic, so the travel expert offers travelers tips to better navigate the park and enjoy their visit to the fullest.

Head to the left: When you are getting ready to enter the park, you must go through a bag check line and then a line to present your ticket and get into the park itself. If you do not want to be standing in a line too long, always go for the left-hand side first.

family in Disneyland


Since most people are right-handed, they will tend to go to the right lines, so Tripps Plus Las Vegas says that you may get into the park faster by heading left.

Why Choose Tripps Plus

Hit the most popular rides first: When you want to get on a popular attraction like Peter Pan’s Flight, Space Mountain, or new park attractions, which are also very popular, go to those first.

Lines are the shortest early morning so you can get famous rides much faster. If you aren’t yet ready to ride, getting there early will secure you a fast past first thing in the morning, says Tripps.

Utilize apps: One of the best tools to have when you visit Disneyland is an app that tells you the wait times for each ride. Some of these apps also have maps of the parks. Use the app to hit popular attractions when the lines are short, and maximize your day.

At Tripps, we want you to have the time of your life when you travel through our network of excellent resorts. We also believe that life can be short, and vacations are more important than ever to relieve stress and anxiety.

Tripps Plus Las Vegas visits Disneyland

So whenever the opportunity allows taking the dream vacation, stop holding back and travel. Holidays are the best. Visit Tripps Plus Las Vegas Today.

Tripps Plus – We’re here to make your life easier when booking your next vacation

Maybe you’ve been struggling to find the perfect place to go on vacation. Or perhaps you’re deciding between two great-looking destinations, and you can’t choose! Tripps Plus has the answer for your travel needs, a list of places to stay in top destinations that will leave you feeling like all your problems have been solved.

What Tripps Plus is

Tripps Plus is a private members’ travel provider that makes booking your next trip easy. We provide a simple, step-by-step process to book your vacation, so you can focus on enjoying your time off. We also offer a variety of helpful hints and resources so that you can plan the perfect vacation. Whether looking for the best deals on airfare or hotels or tips on what to do in your destination, Tripps Plus is here to help.

How to Book a Vacation

When booking your next vacation, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the process as smooth as possible. Here are some tips on how to book a vacation:

1. Choose your destination: This is the first and most important step in booking a vacation. You need to decide where you want to go and what kind of trip you want to take. Are you looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventure-filled trip? Once you know where to go, you can call us, and we can help with all the rest.

2. Plan your activities: Once you’ve booked your resort, it’s time to start planning them. What do you want to do while you’re on vacation? Do some research beforehand to know what’s available and what you’re interested in doing.

3. Pack your bags: This is the fun part! Start packing your bags a few days before your trip, so you’re not rushed. Make sure to pack everything you need, including clothes,

Why Travel with Tripps Plus

When booking your next vacation, why not travel with Tripps Plus? We’re here to make your life easier by providing a one-stop shop for all your travel needs. From the best resorts and hotels to car rentals and activities, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our prices are unbeatable. So why not give us a try? You won’t be disappointed.

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