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Tripps Plus members recommend the best of Birmingham, Alabama, as an excellent option for vacationers in the United States.

Tripps Plus members say that the jewel of the Deep South, Birmingham, Alabama, stands as one of the best cultural centerpieces of the entire southeast United States. The city is rich with cultural and historical monuments while also being modern with many diverse traditions.

Tripps Plus members understand that the city’s history and the African American civil rights movement have intertwined throughout history. Very well-known people such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Fred Shuttlesworth, and many other civil rights leaders established the city as a base of operations in the 1950s.

Today, Tripps Plus members recommend visiting Birmingham because it carries this cultural heritage forward with new focuses on education, tourism, and entertainment. This quaint city in Alabama offers visitors views into America’s past, present, and future in very unique ways.

Historians and lovers of the arts can get lost for weeks in Birmingham. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute chronicles many of the activities that made civil rights possible in the southern part of the United States. Sometimes difficult to understand, this tumultuous time in American history is more easily understood when touring the Institute.

Tripps Plus members also recommend the for another cultural experience. The museum is home to many varieties of art, offering visitors examples of Asian, African, and Native American exhibits, just to name a few.

The McWane Science Center holds a large-format IMAX theater and is home to dozens of hands-on science exhibits designed for people of all ages. Tripps Plus members agreed that this is an excellent experience that the whole family will enjoy.

The 1927 art deco Alabama Theatre is a historic and beautiful piece of architecture in the downtown area. It is still hosting spectacular events regularly from its prime downtown locale.


The 1927 art deco Alabama Theatre


Tripps Plus members also know that Birmingham is an excellent option for vacationers who love the outdoors. Travelers can visit some of the beautiful parks and nature centers that pepper Birmingham’s Jones Valley landscape for outdoor lovers.

Visitors also can play 18 spectacular holes at the renowned Renaissance Ross Bridge Golf course or check out the life-like sculptures dotting the Kelly Ingram Park.

Finally, no visit to Birmingham would be complete without a visit to Vulcan Park and Museum and the entire nature park dedicated to the city’s steel-and-iron production heritage. Here, according to Tripps Plus members, you can consider the towering “Vulcan” – a monument to the Roman god of metallurgy, erected in 1904 for the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

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